Arbitration case roundup.

Arbitration compelled in at will contract of employment. In Hampden Coal, LLC v. Varney, 2018 WL 944159 (W. Va. Feb. 16, 2018), an employee sued his employer and the employer moved to compel arbitration. The employee asserted that the employer gathered all employees...

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When arbitration agreements adopt arbitral rules and those rules give the arbitrator the power to rule on arbitrability, such rules will be enforced. DPR Rules appear to differ from other major arbitration rules.

Courts have attempted to establish clear rules governing when and whether the Court or the arbitrator is to determine issues of arbitrability. Under the Federal and state arbitration statutes, it is the Court that makes the determination as to whether the parties have...

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I work as a neutral and independent third party mediator or arbitrator, helping parties resolve conflicts and settle disputes.
I do not serve as an advocate or legal representative of individual parties.

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